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Bring the Cadmium Red advantage in-house with our lively and practical communication workshops — delivered at your workplace or ours. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about customized training.

Strategic Copywriting 101
How do you craft a message that resonates? Whether you’re selling iPhone apps, persuading politicians or asking donors to dig into their pockets, the right words entice your audience into action. Discover how to capture your readers’ attention, speak their language and create clear, meaningful, compelling copy.

We’ll cover:

  • analyzing your audience
  • pinning down what sets you apart
  • developing messages that hit home
  • thinking visually
  • appealing to both sides of the brain

Editing for Impact
Send your copy to boot camp. Editing for impact goes beyond basic grammar and punctuation errors to turn tepid text into polished prose. You’ll come away with a set of tools to tackle everything from big-picture issues to line-by-line finessing that ensures each word pulls its weight.

We’ll cover:

  • writing attention-getting headings and subheadings
  • hooking your readers with a strong opening
  • cutting dead wood
  • punching up your copy with high-energy verbs
  • bringing stories to life with telling details

Effective Storytelling
Stories have the power to draw in readers, engage their emotions and make your message memorable. Learn the essentials of effective storytelling and how to put it to work for your organization.

We’ll cover:

  • the science of storytelling
  • types of narratives to tell
  • the winning formula: character + conflict
  • crafting stories that stick
  • secrets for faster, painless writing

That was an awesome workshop. I learned all sorts of things to improve my writing.”

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