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technology profile | WATERLOO ENGINEERING
Hands-Free System Puts Surgeons in Control of Their Operating Rooms
New technology developed by Waterloo grads lets surgeons manipulate MRIs and CT scans — with no hands required.

3,685 Days with Frank
At the prompting of a senior leader in her Buddhist community, Kumiko began visiting a stranger who was slowing dying from Huntington disease. For 10 years, she visited Frank daily. It was a transformative experience for both of them.

business website | YULIO
Yulio Technologies Inc.
Yulio is transforming how architects and interior designers communicate their vision, through simple, intuitive software that converts 3D renderings into virtual reality.

travel/culture | ROADS AND KINGDOMS
Come for the obscure Canadian sport, stay for the buffet
Writing may be our day job. But at Cadmium Red, we also harbour other dreams: like becoming world crokinole champions. Find out how we fared in 2017.

non-profit newsletter feature | HUNTINGTON SOCIETY OF CANADA
Dr. Jeff Carroll discusses family, research, being gene positive and HDBuzz
Every scientist working in the Huntington’s field wants to discover a cure for this fatal neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Jeff Carroll has a little extra incentive.

Ontario’s Local Food Report, 2015/16 edition
In this report, we showcase how the Government of Ontario is championing local food and supporting local producers.

marketing material | SANIMAX
Organic Waste Collection
Going green has never been easier for the food sector, as this sales two-pager explains.  

annual report | ROGERS GROUP OF FUNDS
Why We Love Canadian TV & Film: Annual Report 2015
What do you get when you invest $21.4 million in Canadian film and television? Productions worth watching.

video script | ENVISION SQ
SmogStop Barrier
Envision SQ’s new highway barrier technology can create cleaner air, as this one-minute promotional video explains.  

research report | OCEANA CANADA
Here’s the Catch
This 2016 report examines the state of Canada’s fish stocks — and how we can restore abundance to our oceans.


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